Let’s Play!

Did you know that Juggling dates back to ancient Egypt, China and Greece and Diabolos originated from China in 1792? Our Bag recipients, whom often have to quarantine, enjoy activities like juggling and Diabolo yoyos that they can play with inside or in their backyard. According to the Boston Children’s Museum, “Juggling can help improve eye-hand coordination, problem-solving skills, ambidexterity, balance, motor skills, rhythm and timing—just to name a few. Research has even shown that people who learn how to juggle actually increase their brain size!” (Beyond the Chalkboard website). So get out the Juggling balls and Diabolo yoyos and bring on the Power of Play!

We always love to support local, so we recommend Razzle Toys for Diabolos and Juggling balls.

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When:June 26, 2020

Frog Juggling