Photo collage of Hudson

Hudson has early onset kyphoscoliosis which has progressively worsened over his 2 1/2 years. Over the next 5 weeks, he’ll undergo HALO gravity traction & spinal surgery to correct the curves. HALO gravity traction requires as much time as he can tolerate to be spent in a wheelchair or bed where the pulley system connects to the HALO – which is a metal ring that is screwed into his skull and surrounds his head) , slowly straightening and lengthening his spine.

Hudson’s mom, Shaley, says, “It’s very difficult to keep a busy 2 year old in a wheelchair so all of the fun activities & toys from Bags of Fun KC are so helpful in keeping him entertained & keeping his mind off of his discomfort! The first thing he pulled out was the superhero cape! He ran around the halls showing it off to all the nurses. He also loves the poke a dot books, stuffed Buzz Lightyear, stickers, coloring books, paw patrol items, and toy & shape game! He really enjoys all of it and it will help us over the next few weeks when he is in and out of his chair! Thank you so much!”

We think we have never seen a cuter superhero and we are fighting right alongside you, Hudson!