Did you know anyone can sponsor a bag of fun and be a part of the stuffing and delivering?
Intellicents did just that at their national meeting in Kansas City.

Intellicents sponsored 10 bags of fun! At their meeting everyone worked together and tested their packing skills. They made sure that each bag of fun was filled to the brim with unique items for each child based on their interests and developmental needs.

Learn about the 10 children that received a bag courtesy of Intellicents.

Read each of their stories below.


Stephany is 17, fighting AML cancer. She likes to read, likes puzzles, and painting. She asked for a blacksmith kit for her electronic item. She loves horses, and is sad that she cannot hunt and fish outdoors like she usually would.

Photos of Stephany in her hospital bed playing with her toys


Ethan is 8 and inpatient because of an oncology relapse. He Has been fighting cancer for the last two years. Eathan sings, play around with microphones, and likes boats and dinos. Mom said “getting his bag of fun made his day so much better! Like most of these kids he can’t do anything outside, so getting items to play with at the hospital keeps him engaged!”


Amelia is a 20mo old who will be inpatient in the next week for a BMT as part of her cancer treatment. When a child goes inpatient for a BMT, they stay in their room and are isolated since they will be very immunosuppressed. Amelia’s bag will be delivered at the beginning of her 6 week stay and it is full of things to keep her distracted: a drum to make music, a little people house to pretend with, a magic wand, games to play, books, a kids kindle fire, as well as a snuggly blanket.


Giada is 5 and loves anything sparkly! She likes princesses, unicorns, and puzzles. She loves to sing, so mom asked for a Tonies for her to sing with all of her favorite characters! Giada is a cancer warrior.

Photo of Giada in her hospital bed with her toys

Collage of photos of Serenity playing with her toys and being silly


Serenity is 6 and a patient at CMH’s Beacon clinic. This clinic services patients who have multiple systemic disorders. Serenity really likes Jo Jo Siwa, as well as the ocean and everything in it. She also likes unicorns. She needed lots of sensory items to squish and feel…her smile tells it all!


Abigail is 5 and inpatient for a Bone Marrow Transplant as part of her cancer treatment. She likes kittens, unicorns, ponies, and playing with sand. Mom said, “She was very excited to have her own DVD player and was so excited to get a soft pony blanket!”

Collage of photos of Abigail playing with everything in her bag of fun

Collage of photos of Seyd with his bag in the hospital


Seyd is 6 and a half. He likes Spiderman, the Avengers, sports, Minecraft, and building with Jenga blocks. Mom said he could hardly keep his eyes open when he got his bag of fun, but the true excitement came when the medicine wore off! “He truly loves his new lego boat and cup, the microphone, as well as everything else! There will be lots of exploration later!”


Cheviona is 7 and fighting cancer. She likes arts and crafts, dressing up, makeup, sparkles, butterflies, mermaids, she is a girly girls! She was in clinic for an appointment when she got her bag of fun and was very excited to go through it! She got right up out of her chair and inspected everything with a fine tooth comb!

Collage of photos of Cheviona with her bag of fun

Luke holding his tough while lying in bed


Luke is 2 and is another patient in Children’s Mercy’s Beacon clinic. He likes things that light up, is teething, loves music and books, as well other sensory items. He can sit assisted and is visually impaired. His bag of fun was full of sensory items, a projectors for his room, as well as things he can grasp and bring to his mouth.


Dallas is 5 and inpatient for a Bone Marrow Transplant. He likes Spiderman, play dough, building blocks, watching sports, and numbers. Mom said “he has been playing with the magnatiles and army men non-stop, acting out rescue stories with Spiderman! Thank you all so much for keeping him happy and engaged!”

Collage of photos of Dallas with his bag of fun and toys

Thank you for partnering with us and believing in the power of play! It has been proven that children who play can heal faster! As you can see from these smiles, each bag of fun brought so much joy to the child who received it as well as the caregivers and staff who interact with each child. It is our wish that every child fighting a life threatening condition receive a bag of fun and the hours and hours of joy, laughter, and relief that goes with it!

If anyone from Intellicents would like to continue to be involved in our program they can reach out to louisaw@bagsoffun.org. Each bag of fun is worth $400. Anyone can sponsor a bag of fun and be a part of the stuffing and delivering by donating. Help us spread the word about our mission and program!